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Bullet Graphic To aid members in their search for their missing cat or dog by creating online communities of pet owners, shelters, and good samaritans.
Bullet Graphic To be an electronic communications channel between and among individual members and local shelters, pounds, and rescue organizations.
Bullet Graphic Increase Missing to Search Time by providing the ability to easily create flyers wth photographs and vital information from any internet-ready computer 24/7.
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As a volunteer at my local SPCA I helped many sorrowful people who came in looking for their lost and beloved pet. I also saw our bulletin board and others at super-markets and other meeting places filled with homemade flyers asking for help in finding a lost pet. “There must be a way of applying technology to this problem?” I thought to myself. And that is when I got the idea for this site.

One day a former college intern of mine came to visit; he just graduated and was looking for work. I shared the idea with him and he loved it, he then agreed to become the lead programmer of this site and make the idea real. Chris then sought the assistance of a graphic designer to come up with a friendly design.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and friends and family who donated pictures. Our deepest hope is that this site helps reunite owners with their beloved pets. If this site does help please let us know.

Anthony DeJosephExecutive Director      anthony@epetalert.com
Chris AxtLead System Developer chris@epetalert.com
Katie CordiscoCreative Director katie@epetalert.com